Ashlie Lynn French

Ashlie Lynn French

Loved her family, animals,
movies and enjoyed jokes.

Ashlie was the daughter of Thomas and Sherri French. She grew up as an only child with her parents who moved to Perry Hall, Maryland from Baltimore City when Ashlie was ready to start kindergarten.

She was a happy little girl with curly hair who was very close to her parents. She enjoyed staying home with her parents and watching movies. Some of her favorite movies were Barney and Little Mermaid.

She enjoyed watching the movie “Hook” with her father. Ashlie seemed to enjoy fantasy type movies and she loved dressing up in costumes – making Halloween her favorite holiday.

She attended elementary, middle and high school in Perry Hall. As a youngster she tried dance lessons, Girl Scouts and cheerleading, but didn’t pursue any of these activities for very long.

Ashlie loved drawing pictures and spent a lot of time doing so. She liked playing outdoors and she loved little children. “Ashlie always wanted to be a mom,” Sherri said, noting one of her jobs was working at a daycare center.

She had a big heart and enjoyed taking care of other people. By the time she was a senior at Perry Hall High School in 2005, Ashlie was having some problems with school. She ended up dropping out of school but earning her GED.

At the age of 19, Ashlie had a baby daughter, who was born with health problems. Her daughter endured several surgeries and passed away at the age of five months in 2006. Ashlie became depressed and dependent on drugs.

In times of sobriety, she told her mother that she wanted to become a counselor to help others with substance abuse problems.

Sherri joined a grief group of parents who also lost children to drugs shortly after Ashlie passed away. “It has helped me,” Sherri said. She has mentored other parents going through the loss of a child and she has donated gift bags to a local sober living house in Ashlie’s name to honor her daughter.

“I miss everything about her,” Sherri said. “No one calls me Mom anymore.”

Ashlie’s mother Sherri provided information for this profile.

June 26, 1987 – November 6, 2010
Age 23
Lived with addiction 4 years

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