Devin Bearden

Devin Bearden

Caring, athletic, bright,
witty and attractive

Devin grew up in a large family surrounded by parents Joe Bearden, Theresa Bearden Clower and step-father Dennis Clower, along with six siblings: sister, Brett; brothers Jake and Scott, step-brothers Darin and Brandon Clower, and step sister Adrienne Clower.

As a young child, Devin loved to make people laugh, unrelenting in his quest to provoke laughter at times. “It was the role (life of the party) that he continued to play, sometimes to his own detriment, throughout his years,” said his father Joe. Many old, family photos show Devin in a comic pose.

Another trait he had as a child was his propensity for impulsive behavior and not knowing when to quit. His parents thought he would do better in private schools. As a result, Devin attended a few different private schools, including Eagle Rock School in Colorado, which was an experiential school tailored to youth who needed an alternative to traditional schools. While attending Eagle Rock, Devin especially enjoyed a summer canoe trip retracing a portion of the Lewis and Clark expedition and a challenge to repel down mountain cliffs, tagging baby birds living in cliff dwellings, as part of a survey he helped do.

Devin loved the outdoors, including camping, hiking and the beach. The athlete in Devin excelled at team sports such as baseball and soccer, but he also was good at individual sports like skateboarding, surfboarding and snowboarding. His sense of balance gave him a fluid, graceful style while snowboarding down the side of a mountain. “He was beautiful to watch,” Joe said.

He attended West Nottingham Academy in Cecil County during high school where he was a pitcher on the baseball team. During a regular season game his junior year, Devin struck out 13 of 15 batters at an away game played near Baltimore. His team claimed the league championship that year.

Devin’s love of the outdoors was only surpassed by the love of his family. He displayed unwavering support and love for his nieces and nephews Kai, Josie, Sully and Raeya. Devin spent hours during one family beach trip pulling Kai through the surf on his boogie board when there weren’t any waves. That’s the kind of guy he was. “The joy he was and gave will remain in our hearts forever,” Joe said.

After his passing, Devin’s mother, Theresa, was inspired to create INTO LIGHT, a non-profit organization aimed to celebrate the lives of those who have died from addiction through art. An exhibit featuring portraits and stories of some of those lives will be on display in Fall 2019 in Baltimore at Notre Dame of MD University.

Devin’s father, Joe Bearden, provided information for this profile.

Nov. 13, 1985 – Feb. 4, 2018
32 years old
Lived with addiction 10 years

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