Jimmy Alderman

Jimmy Alderman

Easy-going, loyal,
prankster, thrill-seeker

Jimmy grew up in a loving home in Millersville, Maryland with his parents Carol and Jim, and sisters, Sheri and Krissy.

He was a firecracker as a child – a bit hard-headed, but playful. He loved Superman and often dressed up in a Superman costume and paraded around the house. Never actually outgrowing his superhero friend, Jimmy even donned a Superman outfit for his 30th birthday.

Described by friends and family as extremely loyal, Jimmy preferred quality time with his best friends including Craig Smith, Jamie Ricketts, Nick Lissau and his longtime girlfriend, Cassie Raymond. He enjoyed the simple things in life and gained great pleasure in making people happy.

During school years, Jimmy played a lot of baseball and was a fantastic player at many different sports. After he graduated from Old Mill High School in 2001, he joined a men’s softball team where he played competitively for a few years and was known for hitting the ball out of the park.
About the same time, he attended a master mechanic class that prepared him for a job with Goodyear Tire Company that he held for many years. But he really found his career calling several years later when he began work at Just Audio, a family-owned audio repair shop on Harford Road. He loved working on audio equipment, especially some of the old pieces that came into the shop. “He could fix anything,” his girlfriend, Cassie, said. Jimmy had dreams of one day managing the shop for himself.

Jimmy was passionate about his family, including his nephews, Tyler, Carter and niece, Ella. He doted on his English bulldog Reuben. “He was an amazing dog dad,” Cassie said. Jimmy also enjoyed watching the Ravens and the Orioles.

He was very close with his father and grandfather, both of whom passed away from cancer in 2015. By that time Jimmy had been living with addiction for about five years, but seemed to keep everything under control to most casual observers.

He always seemed content with small things in life that gave him pleasure. He loved Metallica, fixing cars, audio equipment (specifically is grandfather’s McIntosh receiver, old school record player and Klipsch speakers). He was thoughtful and generous and always willing to help – a really amazing guy. “He had a calming effect on me and could smile with his eyes,” Cassie said. He would say, “All you have to do is breathe.”

Jimmy’s girlfriend, Cassie, provided information for this profile.

Jan. 19, 1983 – Dec. 26, 2018
Age 35
Lived with addiction 8 years

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