Justin Martin Brady

Justin Martin Brady

Caring, giving, generous,
People person, loved the outdoors

Justin never met anyone he didn’t like; he could talk to and get along with anyone. People often told his parents that they had done an excellent job of raising him, as he had good values, was well-mannered, polite, kind, and friendly. His parents stated that; “He was an extraordinary young man whose compassion and generosity serve as a testament to his greatness.”

For some reason, though he was smart, Justin struggled to get from grade to grade, but in his last two years of high school, he was on the honor roll. He was good with his hands and his dad spent a lot of time with him, teaching him to work on cars and the skills needed to remodel homes.

Sports, particularly basketball, were Justin’s passion. He played during high school, and even afterward, he joined local park and recreation leagues, pouring himself into his sport, competing in tournaments around the state of Maryland. He also loved the outdoors, camping with his family at Green Ridge State Forrest, four wheeling, swimming and enjoying the beach.

Justin was first an apprentice and later a journeyman plumber for a large, local plumbing company. In his off time, he loved to watch basketball, football and baseball games and liked being around people. He recently talked about his desire to have children.

He and his mom had a special bond. She misses his smile, hearing his jokes, laughing with him, and the random hugs he would give her, to calm her down and comfort her. He was a “great guy with a beautiful personality, we loved that he was our son.”

Having a family member who was addicted, she no longer has a stereotypical view of addiction. It can happen to anyone and, “takes a toll on the health of the family; it is exhausting.” She finds some comfort through online support groups of other mothers who have lost children; reaching out to encourage them in return. The 27th of every month since Justin’s death, she posts a memorial, or uplifting quotes to the group to honor his memory.

She knows that Justin would want her to be happy. “I have to start living my life again and learn to live without him. I am working on it.”

Justin’s mother, Darlene Brady, was interviewed for this profile.

June 13, 1989 – March 27, 2018
Age 28
Lived with addiction for 7 years

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