Lance Ryan Eager

Lance Ryan Eager

Athletic, smart, fearless,
Goofy, loved life

Lance was intelligent, outgoing and affectionate and also goofy and funny. He loved to make people laugh and was usually the center of attention. He did what he wanted with no fear and lived more life in his short time than many people do in a much longer lifetime.

From the age of six he loved sports, especially football, and though he was small, just 30lbs, he was competitive and a successful middle line backer, blocking and tackling with no concern for getting hurt. He was also a wrestler and loved music.

Due to troubles in school, Lance quit in 11th grade, later moving to Michigan where he got his GED. Lance loved working with his hands and was employed at various jobs including a window tinting and repair business and a landscaping company.

After his death, his friends held a candlelight vigil for him and wrote memories on index cards and gave them to his mother. What many of them said was that he was a genuine friend, was there for them and helped them, even at his lowest point. If they needed cheering up, he would do something silly like sing Hakuna Matata to them.

Lance enjoyed having nice clothes and was his mom’s shopping buddy. She really misses those times of going out together for the day, just the two of them. They could take a break from anything negative and just have a fun day out. And though it was annoying at the time, she misses him mocking her by repeating what she said and making funny noises.

Ann has learned a lot about addiction since her experiences with Lance’s substance abuse. She is much more educated about addiction as a disease and has partnered with another mother founding the Lance and Ryan Fund. Their mission “is to help those struggling with substance abuse disorders to get the treatment they need to start them on their journey to recovery.” By telling their stories it “helps us to know our sons have not been forgotten, that their lives mattered.”

Lance’s mother, Ann Youngblood, was interviewed for this profile.

August 4, 1993 – July 12, 2014
Age 20
Lived with addiction for 8 years

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