Lewis Lee Cochran Jr.

Lewis Lee Cochran Jr.

Strong, kind, generous,
enjoyed fishing, music

Lewis spent his entire life in Baltimore City. He was the son of the late Mildred Bradford and Lewis L. Cochran II and grew up with 10 brothers and sisters.

He left high school after his junior year to work 30 years in masonry for a construction company. Lewis had three children and two stepchildren. He was married to Collette Cochran for 21 years.

Lewis was known to his friends and family as “Smokey.” He studied various trades during his life and could repair engines as well as do construction work. Many knew him as a good handyman to call for a repair.

He loved helping people, especially the downtrodden. “He often brought homeless friends to our house to eat and get clothing,” said his wife, Collette. “He looked for the good in people.”

Smokey loved to go fishing and crabbing and would often go to a nearby fishing hole. He could cook a good steak and even taught Collette how to cook certain things. He and Collette enjoyed going out to eat crab cakes and attend a good movie they both liked.

He also enjoyed listening to music, especially Motown tunes, and he liked to dance. The last five years of his life, Smokey was laid off from his construction job. He picked up odd jobs here-and-there but was beginning to get depressed.

He would go off and do drugs with friends at times, then he would stop and start again. Since he passed away two years ago, Collette goes to grief counseling. She retired from the State of Maryland in 2018 but is still working part-time. “I miss my husband very much,” Collette said.

She used to call Smokey her “Viking,” because he was so strong. Collette wants to be part of INTO LIGHT to be able to do something positive for her husband. She loves being part of the project.

Smokey’s wife, Collette, provided information for this article.

Oct. 22, 1959 – July 13, 2017
Age 57
Lived with addiction 10 years

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