Matthew Sutton

Matthew Sutton

Outgoing, enjoyed sports,
loved children & family

Matthew Sutton grew up with parents, Denise and Bill Sutton, and younger brothers, Adam and Mark, in Pasadena, Maryland. His mother is a Penn State alumna who loves sports and his father was a former U.S. Marine.

Matthew played sports in school and on recreational teams, including goalie for Anne Arundel Community College soccer team. His wife, Jennifer, said he was also a referee from time to time at many games played in Patterson Park. He played basketball, baseball, and soccer.

He earned good grades in school, transferring from Mount St. Joseph after the ninth grade, to attend Northeast High School for the remainder of high school.

However, Matthew had some health issues along the way, including pancreatitis, gallbladder issues and a bi-polar condition. His wife, Jennifer, said Matthew’s struggles with addiction were tested each time one of his health issues flared up.

Even though Matthew and Jennifer knew each other since they were 12 years old, they did not get married until 14 years after high school. Matthew and Jennifer spent 10 years together, during which time he reinvented himself. He attended barber school and spent time trying to make amends with his family, friends and son, Mason, who is now 21 years old and a father himself. Despite several relapses, Matthew had good times, including fishing, crabbing, going to the beach and telling stories at the neighborhood barber shop where he worked.

He had a lot of friends and loved making people laugh. Jennifer described his sense of humor as South Park, Family Guy, or Adam Sandler. The younger children that came to see him for haircuts called him Mr. Matt. He loved them because they were so innocent.

Matthew often dreamed of winning the lottery and fantasized as to who in his life he would share the winnings with, Jennifer explained.

During the last seven months prior to Matthew’s death he was embracing sobriety and was looking forward to the birth of his first grandchild – a girl named, Aubree Paige.

Since his passing, Jennifer has become active with a group in Anne Arundel County that mentors others living with addiction and works with officials to change laws and improve access to care. She spoke at a recent overdose awareness event about her experience. “My life has forever changed,” Jennifer said.

Matthew’s wife Jennifer provided information for this profile.

Jan. 1, 1978 – May 19, 2017
Age 39
Lived with addiction 20 years

2 thoughts on “Matthew Sutton

  1. I knew Matt half of my life. He was a very outgoing Smiley wonderful guy. He gave the best hugs and I miss him dearly. Jennifer was my very first friend in kindergarten and all through school. I was so happy when they finally got married. I wish they would have been able to grow old together. Jenn’s love will never die for Matt.

  2. This is a beautiful piece about Matt. It’s one thing to read these and not know the person. But knowing Matt for so many years and his wife Jennifer, it really brings tears to your eye. Anyone who knew Matt knows Jennifer was his everything and his safe zone. Jennifer and Matt’s relationship sounds like a fairy tale even though it had some bumps. This was true love and you could tell the way they looked at each other. Matt was a big teddy bear he had that intimidating look at times but the size of his heart just overpowered it all. He was such a gentle giant. He will forever be missed and my heart hurts for Jennifer. When you marry someone and you say your vows life and death, better or for worse. You never know how much time you have together but you never expect it to ever happen.

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