Michael David Frack

Michael David Frack

Creative, spiritual, talented, giving,
deep thinker, connected to nature

Michael David was described as independent from an early age. He was quiet, introverted and humble, and had the ability to deeply connect in a meaningful and profound way with people of all ages on many different topics.

He was considered an “old soul in a young body.” After he passed, the family heard many stories about what a difference Michael David had made in the lives of others. They said that they learned a lot from him and he helped them, including with their addictions.

Michael David was in touch with nature. He loved to hunt with his dad and used the pheasant feathers to make jewelry he later sold. He would take walks by the river near his home and pick up rocks and other natural objects. He pointed out Red Tail Hawks, Owls and Bald Eagles to others and said that these spirit animals would watch over him.

He attended the Art Institute of York, completing an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, graduating at the top of his class. He completed freelance graphic arts jobs designing a logo for a local Cider company and working with local businesses to develop artwork for menu’s or advertising. At the same time he worked at a river shop that provided bikes, tubing equipment and kayaks.

Though not careless, Michael David was also a risk taker. He loved skateboarding, riding his bike and jumping off high cliffs into the water. He was adventurous, creative, fully engaged in life and had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Michael David loved the simple things in life, was very loving, heart centered and had many friends. Though there are many things that his friends and family miss about him, top among them is his smirky smile and the great hugs he gave, known now as “Michael David hugs,” which they continue with each other.

Michael David’s death has inspired his mother to reach out to other mothers who have lost children to addiction. She consoles and encourages them and reminds them to appreciate the time they had with their children and to be grateful for what they learned from them.

Michael David’s mother, Kim Frack, was interviewed for this profile.

April 20, 1991 – November 3, 2015
Age 24
Lived with addiction for 5 years

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