Michael Patrick “Bubba” Shea

Michael Patrick "Bubba" Shea

Energetic, Outgoing,
well-liked, loved to win

From an early age Michael was a ball of energy, it was hard to keep up with him. He got into everything and totally went all out, hustling at everything he did. At family functions everyone wanted him on their team, as he would do anything it took to win, saying that coming in second was losing.

He played almost every sport and excelled at them, once scoring five goals in soccer in 45 seconds. Michael was an avid fan of both the Orioles and the Ravens, something that he shared with his father, Patrick and his sister, Stacie.

He loved to be around people, wasn’t afraid to talk with strangers and had a lot of friends. He was rarely alone but when he was his time was mostly spent playing video games and listening to music, especially his favorite band, Linkin Park.

Michael studied graphic design and used his knowledge to design websites and to start a hosting business. He later worked for a printing company in Maryland.

After Michael’s children were born his whole world revolved around them. His strongest desire was to be a good father and since he was able to stay clean for nine years, just before his death, he was able to do so. He planned to move his children closer to his family in Maryland but unfortunately that happened after his death. 

Though there is much to miss about Michael, his father stated that it is mostly “the opportunity to just see him, have time with him.” He misses his smile and hearing the stupid noises he would make; like funny whistles and smacking his hands together.

Michael’s death has changed his father’s priorities. What matters most to him is spending time with the people he cares about, especially time with Michael’s children. He doesn’t let small things bother him anymore and reaches out to those who have lost loved ones to addiction. He also advises everyone “not to wait to do what you want to do but enjoy life now.”

Michael’s father, Patrick Shea, was interviewed for this profile.

September 28, 1986- July 13, 2017
Age 30
Lived with addiction for 6 years

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