Sean Clayton Groves

Sean Clayton Groves

Passionate, loving, kind,
Attached to animals, family oriented

Sean was loving, funny and compassionate; “there was never a moment when he was not smiling.” He lit up the room. He loved animals, his family, and was a great person, all the way around. “He would do anything for you; there was not a mean bone in his body, his sister remembers, “even if you crossed him he would forgive you and still help you out.

Growing up, Sean was into football. He also loved animals, and was a “dog whisperer.’ Though the family couldn’t take in more animals, he often found homes for animals that needed them and the family dog, Lucy, would sit and wait for him to return.

He graduated from high school in 2012 and started working on construction crews. Just three months before he passed away he was accepted into the sprinkler fitter’s union, an accomplishment he was very proud of. After getting clean, he was also pleased to have a car in his name and everyday responsibilities.

Very much a people pleaser, if Sean knew someone was angry with him he wouldn’t leave them alone until they made up. His sister remembers one day, coming home from high school, when they were fussing at each other in the car. She got out to walk and he rode beside her, annoying her, until she got back in. He had a caring quality about him, always wanting to make sure everyone was all right and he was good with everyone.

His future plans were to get married and have kids. His sister knows he would have been an amazing dad. She misses his smile, being able to call him, his hugs, singing with him in the car and how he was always there for her.

Due to the addiction experience with Sean, it makes his sister “want to hold on to my family a little tighter.” She also feels more compassionate when she sees signs of addiction in others. “I want to help, one day I might be able to speak out about it, and really help people, but right now I can’t bring myself to do it, it is still too hard.”

Sean’s sister, Jacquelene Groves, was interviewed for this profile.

May 23, 1993 – April 26,2017
Age 23
Lived with addiction for 3-4 years.

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