Stacie Ann Shea

Stacie Ann Shea

Fun-loving, lit up the room,
Cared for others, loved to dance

Stacie was a beautiful, outgoing and caring woman. She lit up and owned every room she walked into always bringing her best. She truly cared about everyone, particularly those with addiction issues, who she took under her wing, trying to make things easier for them.
Stacie completed a social work degree at Salisbury State University with the intention of putting her knowledge and experience to work to help those with substance abuse problems. After some time in rehab, she eventually took a job as a recruiter for the medical field, earning a good income and doing well.

Stacie danced for most of her life, starting ballet lessons when she was very young. She also had an interest in animals and wildlife and was into fitness. She loved to travel and took a yearly trip with her dad to see the Ravens play away games in other cities. They even travelled to London to see a Ravens game and Stacie somehow persuaded her dad to include a trip to Paris, which had always been on her bucket list. Her dad admitted it was almost impossible for him to say no to her and lovingly called her “daddy’s spoiled little brat.”
One endearing story that her father shared was how he and Stacie had a pact that when he called her he had to keep the call to two minutes. He would say “my two minutes are up” but she allowed him to keep talking. She always took his calls and they often traded text messages filled with light banter and fun emojis. She protested that he chatted too much to her friends, but after her death, her friends told her father how very deeply she loved and enjoyed him.
Her father misses every thing about Stacie, especially the sound of her voice and the teasing back and forth; with both of them equally dishing it out and giving it back.

Since Stacie’s death, her father takes every opportunity to help people who have been touched by addiction. He has recently started to speak at public events to help others get past the fear and stigma of talking about their loved ones who have died from addiction. As he put it, “If I can save even one person, I will.”

Stacie’s father, Patrick Shea, was interviewed for this profile.

April 6, 1989 – March 23, 2018
Age 28
Lived with addiction 12 years.

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