Taylor Beth Sprague

Taylor Beth Sprague

Spontaneous, fun-loving, loyal
Humorous, kind hearted, free spirit

From the beginning of school, Taylor was very smart and at the top of her class. She was selected as an honors cohort for a scholar program at a local community college where she earned her Associates Degree. She then attended UMBC with a major in Ancient Studies. She was enjoyed sports from the time she was four and played year round through her high school years. Her passion was for basketball and that’s where she excelled.

She was a page for the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis and worked at the Library of Congress for three summers as an administrative intern. She always had a job and was always on the go.

Taylor was a people person; she was outgoing, kind and easy to get along with and had a great sense of humor. People gravitated toward her and she wanted them to be comfortable. She stuck up for the underdog, taking new students under her wing and sitting on the bus with people who didn’t have friends. She was not concerned about money or jobs as much as helping people and experiencing life. She had a desire to travel and enjoy herself and talked about joining the Peace Corp. She wanted to make people happy and lived in the moment.

Her mother misses her quick wit, practical jokes and Taylor’s ability to instantly put a smile on her face. Taylor called her throughout the day, between classes or from the car. They had a close and trusting relationship and shared most everything. She was always a happy-go-lucky kid with a wonderful life, so it was hard to understand that she couldn’t ask for help and hid her addiction.

Taylor’s parents and sister feel fortunate that they have been able to come together and be strong for each other after their loss. They are moving past trying to figure out why Taylor became addicted and how things progressed. Every day is hard, but they try to “stay positive and think about the good things rather than dwell on her not being there, otherwise, it would drive you crazy.”

Taylor’s mother, Kerri Sprague, was interviewed for this profile.

May 27, 1994 – Dec 31, 2015
Age 21
It is unknown how long Taylor lived with addiction.

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