Trent Jamal Smith

Trent Jamal Smith

Athletic, prankster,
kind, generous

Trent grew up in Everett, Washington. His mother worked full-time and his father died when he was 16 years old. He had two sisters Dawn Moore, the oldest of the family, and Kelly Adams.

Kelly was the middle child of the family, and she was 10 years older than Trent. Kelly, more or less, raised Trent from the time he was a baby until he was nearly 7 years old. “That’s because my mother worked full-time,” Kelly said.

Kelly fed him, was home in time to get him off the school bus, guided him with his homework and put him to bed most nights. “We were very close,” she said.

Because of disagreements with her mother, Kelly decided to relocate to Maryland when she was 17 years old. She had relatives in Maryland and made it her new home. Her move was devastating to her little brother.

Kelly kept in close contact with Trent by telephone, social media and actual visits over the years. Trent was very talented in sports. He played football and basketball at Voyager Middle School and Mariner High School, excelling in both. His favorite, however, was basketball.

Trent was a leftie, one-handed shooter. He also played basketball at the neighborhood youth center after school and at summer camps. He had big dreams of becoming a professional basketball player one day.

Another passion of Trent’s was playing X-Box live with some of his friends. He got average grades in school, but when his father died he became depressed and his grades began to slip. He eventually stopped going to class. He finished school by earning a G.E.D.

Trent had a girlfriend and soon started getting into trouble. Kelly tried to keep tabs on him, but said it was difficult from miles away. She soon knew he was using drugs. He got into trouble with the law, went to jail, got out and did better for a while. He couldn’t hold a steady job for long. His addiction progressed and finally took his life.

Since his death, Kelly has gone to grief counseling and she wears a necklace now that contains Trent’s ashes.
Trent’s sister, Kelly, provided the information for this profile.

Oct. 8, 1989 – Sept. 18, 2018
Age 29
Lived with addiction 12 years

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