Hunter Lewis Swartz

Hunter Lewis Swartz

Artistic, creative, kind,
Gentle soul, loved his family

Even as a young child, Hunter stood out; he didn’t follow the crowd. He tried to be friends with everyone and often took the underdog under his wing. He was a kind, smart and gentle person and many people have related to his family how much he contributed to their lives in a positive way.

Hunter was a commercial fisherman, clamming during the summer months and oystering on his dad’s boat, the “Prodigal Son” in the winter. He loved being on the water and enjoyed viewing the sky and taking pictures of sunrises. He could often be found walking the beach, picking up old bottles and other interesting artifacts.

Many of Hunter’s friends considered him their brother. One of them shared:
“Your energy was a staple to the island, you had an iconic smile that will never be forgotten, anything that powerful cannot be extinguished… you will be missed.”

Hunter was very smart and read a lot, retaining what he read and sharing it. He was an artist and musician. He sketched often and did spray paint art. He also became a tattoo artist, providing original art designs to those who wanted something unique. He played guitar, wrote songs and made several music videos. One of his music videos was played at his funeral.

Family was important to Hunter and he loved the family gatherings his mother held that brought together over 25 people. His addiction shortened his life plans, but they would have included a continued relationship with his long time girlfriend, Tina, having children, enjoying life, and being outdoors.

His mother talked with him every day. She misses his laugh, his infectious smile and the ability to pick up the phone and hear him say: “Hey Mom.” She is now more open to others with addiction, not judging them, but realizing they have a disease. She stated: “It changes their brain, it is hard for them to stop, but they are not bad people.”

Hunter’s mother, Amy Swartz, was interviewed for this profile.

March 26-1985-May 6, 2018
Age 33
Lived with addiction for 16 years.

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