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INTO LIGHT Project is working hard to change the conversation about drug addiction. The first step is to educate the public as well as health care providers, law enforcement, and others. SUD is not a moral failing. Shame and stigma around this disease must be erased so those who need the help can get it. Through the power of art and storytelling, we are giving communities across the county an opportunity to freely have a dialog about addiction, its power over the brain, and how they can help. By sponsorship, you can help support the Into Light Project.

The Circle of Light

By joining The Circle of Light, you become part of the growing number of people who are changing the conversation about drug addiction. Your contribution will make it possible for INTO LIGHT Project to put a human face and story on the disease of addiction.

State-by-state we are opening minds and hearts to the fact that people with the disease of addiction are suffering from an illness, not a lack of character. There is treatment.

But first we must break down the barrier of shame and stigma. Your support is critical.

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In 2021, 107,622 people died from a drug overdose or poisoning. We must change the perception of those who have substance use disorder by raising awareness and providing education about the disease of addiction.

You are your loved one’s greatest advocate.
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