Matthew Lee Plummer

Matthew Lee Plummer

Funny, sports fanatic,
Kind, loving, respectful

A common theme when friends and family were asked about Matthew, was that he had a phenomenal sense of humor, a quick wit and a sparkle in his eyes. He was described as “absolutely hysterical,” and “definitely the comedian” of the teams he was on throughout the years.

He was an avid sportsperson, excelling in any sport, but especially in golf; his passion. He followed the facts of sports and could recall the names and stats of any player in hockey, football, baseball and golf. He knew what team they were on, where they went to school, where they were from, and more. His passion for sports ran very deep.

He was accepted into college and was to be on the golf team, but that was when the addiction issues started and he dropped out. His goal was to be on tour as a pro golfer or to go into sports management with a focus on managing pro golfers.

One friend said: “When I think of Matt I think of his infectious smile and the gleam in his eye. He was always complimentary and mannerly…a true gentleman.” Hearing stories from people who knew him prior to his addiction is very comforting,” his mother said. “That was truly who he was.”

He was a good kid, easy to talk to and he and his mom had great conversations about life. “He was my teacher, my buddy, and my only son. His loss has helped me find a new meaning for life.”

His mother has become “much more sensitive about life, learning that she has a voice.” She sometimes talks with struggling students at the school where she works and shares her story. She recently moved and is trying to find a support group to join. “I feel like I have something to say, I am just waiting for the venue where I can use my voice.”

Matthew’s mother, Holly Plummer, was interviewed for this profile.

March 2, 1990 – March 10, 2015
Age 25
Lived with addiction for 7 years

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