Robbie Buckmaster

Robbie Buckmaster

Loving, caring, kind, compassionate, spontaneous, loyal, flirtatious,
Clever, witty, protective, warrior, loved animals, big hugger.

Robbie was a wisecracker, He was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay where his grandfather was a commercial crabber. Robbie was well known for his love of Maryland crabs. He had to collect all the shells from everyone else, because according to him; “they never picked them right.”

He was a die-hard Redskins fan, loved canoeing, dancing, camping, fishing, a new pair of white sneakers, jet skiing, four wheeling, riding around with the music blaring, and hanging with his brothers from the Tribes Motorcycle Club.

In September, 2019, Robbie was to be the best man at the wedding of the president of the club, Billy & his fiancé, Bubbles; friends since elementary school. Billy plans to prepare a life sized cut out of Robbie to stand beside him. The club was also very supportive of his mother after his death, providing and installing Robbie’s headstone.

His 13-year-old yellow lab, Jinx, transitioned seven months before Robbie. He also had several stray cats. He would sneak one of them, Thunder, in the house to sleep. Thunder was devoted to Robbie and stayed by his side, when he was found after an overdose.

Robbie was well organized, his days planned well in advance and noted on a calendar. He even had Christmas cards ready prior to his passing. Wasn’t that a surprise for everyone?!

He was an early bird and walked the North Beach boardwalk before his job each day. After work he could be found with his buddies, watching a movie or playing PlayStation 3. His goal was to have a family and his own home.

He and his mother were very close, he was her first love and first born, and she had him for 16 years before his siblings, Sabrina, Kenny & Kody were born. She says she misses his physical presence, and his “kisses and hugs.” His energy was so strong. She hopes people will never forget Robbie and wants them to say his name and share memories of him.

Since his transition, she says; “you never get over it, it’s like a wave and you never know when its coming.” She still finds joy in life. “I know my son would want that for me. Since he can’t be here. I will live for him; I will honor him and help stop the stigma against addiction. Nothing can faze me now, I have been through the worst of the worse.”

Robbie’s mother, Vicki Stinnett, was interviewed for this profile.

May 29, 1980 – November 26, 2018
Age 38
Lived with addiction for 10 years.

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