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What is the
Into Light Project?

Into Light is a national art activism project that seeks to dismantle the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction and to address the misconception that people with addiction are to blame for their illness.

Through the art of portraiture and storytelling, the Into Light Project art activism exhibit: Drug Addiction: Real People, Real Stories, exists to offer healing and hope and create meaningful dialogue about substance use disorder.

Speak Up

They had a life, they had a voice, and they have a story. Will you speak out for them?

Have you lost a loved one to this epidemic? By sharing your story, you are not only stepping forward bravely against the drug epidemic, but are also participating in helping others on their journey to healing and hope.

INTO LIGHT Submissions Open for Delaware, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma

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Devin Hart Bearden

Devin Hart Bearden

Caring, athletic, bright, witty, attractive At 6’2”, Devin was lanky, handsome, and a natural athlete. Equally at home on a skateboard, snowboard, or when surfing, he was a pleasure to watch; so fluid and graceful. He was a good soccer and baseball player and loved hiking in nature or being at the beach, especially on the annual family beach trips to Hatteras in North Carolina. [...]
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Lewis Lee Cochran Jr.

Strong, kind, generous, enjoyed fishing, music Lewis spent his entire life in Baltimore City. He was the son of the late Mildred Bradford and Lewis L. Cochran II and grew up with 10 brothers and sisters. He left high school after his junior year to work 30 years in masonry for a construction company. Lewis had three children and two stepchildren. He was married to Collette Cochran for 21 years.[...]
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Joe Ramos

Joe Ramos

#doitforjoe, love never fails Joe was handsome, charismatic, and known for talking with people who needed some kindness. He impacted a lot of lives, often in small, but important ways. He was a mentor to younger people, very respectful, well-spoken, caring and a hugger. Joe loved sports, music, facts and history. [...]
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Carly Ann

Carly Anne Sananes

Tragic loss of a beautiful, but broken, soul who is forever in our hearts. Carly was described by her mother, Tina, as “a beautiful soul with a gigantic heart, not defined by her addiction, but tragically, defeated by it.” Carly was funny and silly with a rambunctious laugh. As a child, she was precocious. She loved to role play with her Barbie dolls or do comedy skits with her cousins and younger siblings, Jenna and Danny. She was good at doing impressions and cracking up the family by making up silly stories using Rugrats characters. [...]
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